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Customized Insurance for Manufacturers


Precision manufacturing is what your customers expect from you. Your success depends on your commitment to high quality standards and producing the component parts and products your customers need. Why would you expect anything less from your insurance broker?


As with most technical industries, the days of being a "generalist" are over! That’s why we developed “CoWest Precision Manufacturing Insurance. A dedicated group of professionals that exclusively service specialized manufacturers like you.


Unfortunately, about 85% of the manufacturers we work with were either paying for coverages they didn’t need, or had significant coverage gaps because notwithstanding limits, their policy would not pay certain claims the way they needed them to be paid.


CoWest Precision Manufacturing Insurance helps manufacturers reduce risk exposures, realign insurance costs, eliminate coverage gaps and make strategic choices about self-insuring certain risk factors.


Give us a call and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re insured by precision manufacturing specialists!