Why Use Us?


As with most technical industries,
The days of being a "generalist" are over!

To better protect the highly specialized needs of precision manufacturers, we developed CoWest Precision Manufacturing Insurance, a niche broker with a dedicated group of insurance professionals that exclusively service Precision Manufacturers. Because we only work with precision manufacturers, we can typically provide you with:

Better Rates - all of our business is negotiated with a few specific underwriters. This gives us bigger buying volume = bigger premium discounts for you!

Faster Service - we only deal with manufacturing industry service issues. Our experience and specialized knowledge makes us more responsive and efficient.

Industry Expertise- by specializing in manufacturer's insurance requirements & the policy language from most major carriers, we know how to close the gaps.

Exclusive Programs- we have several precision manufacturing programs not available through other brokers. We can likely give you more coverage for fewer premiums without competing with your current Broker!

Industries We Serve


Instrument Manufacturing

Machinery or Machinery Parts Manufacturing

Machine Shops (metal, plastics or composites)

Metal Cut-Off Shop (Saw, Laser and Waterjet)

Metal Goods Manufacturing NOC

Metal Goods Manufacturing - Stamping

Metal Grinding Shop

Metal Heat Processing

Pattern Manufacturing - metal

Plastic Mold Injection Manufacturing

Rubber Goods Manufacturing

Sheet Metal Work - shop only

Tool Manufacturing

Valves Manufacturing

Wire Goods Manufacturing

10 Questions You Should Ask Your Broker



How many other manufacturing companies do you currently insure?


How many of those manufacturing companies do the type of work we do?


Describe some of the insurable risk differences between the other manufacturers and our company.


How much of your business is unrelated to manufacturing?


Describe 3-5 coverages that would be unique to manufacturers.


Describe three difficult claims you have managed for a manufacturing client.


Describe your philosophy and strategy around "Business Interruption" insurance as it relates to the specific needs of a manufacturer. For our company?


Provide an industry overview of the various insurance companies that would have an appetite for our business.


Which carriers would you pick to quote on our business and why these carriers?


How many manufacturers do you currently have insured with these carriers?